Monitoring the daily Mortgage market movements can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in closing costs when you purchase or refinance.
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What my customers say about me...

I’ve entrusted Brent in refinancing properties, buying a primary residence and investment properties. He’s extremely knowledgeable regarding the process and helpful throughout. Choosing to work with him over and over again is the best testimony I can provide.

Tim Faherty

When my wife and I bought our most recent home, we worked with Brent from the initial planning period where we discussed down payment, closing costs and budgeting so that we were prepared before we even started looking for a new home. When the time came, he searched out the best rates and helped to ensure the loan process was managed on our behalf. I’ve worked with him on multiple occasions now and I absolutely plan on doing so again in the future.

James Lange

We worked with Brent long distance while moving from California to Portland, Or. He was well informed, efficient and always available to talk when we had a question. It was a positive, straight forward experience.

Russ and Sally Jan