5 Most Famous Business Speakers

Corporate Businesses are now going after top keynote entrepreneur speakers to gain knowledge on improving the way they do business. There are many renowned business speakers around the corporate globe. They are famous for their keen insights talks that aim at helping companies become more profitable and dominate the market industries. This article presents you with the five most popular corporate motivational speakers with a proven track record of making a difference to many fortune companies.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk, Verner media CEO

Gary Vaynerchuk got into the business when he took part in his family liquor store business. He then went on to launch the first wine e-commerce sites in America. Gary later launched vaynerRSE contributing to the emergence of world-changing technology companies.

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He came into limelight after launching Vaynercapital and displaying #askgaryvee show. The shoe disclosed information about marketing, entrepreneurship, and business. Gary predisposes his audience to challenges of setting up small businesses and being entrepreneurs. He has made appearances on CNN, CNBC, ABC news and late night with Seth Meyers.

2. Desi Williamson

Once a person living with paralysis, desi Williamson offers empowerment messages that serve as keynote eye openers to many people. He dedicates his life to inspiring people on utilizing their abilities and doing more than what they think they can.

He established globally known businesses among them PepsiCo, Johnson and Johnson, Johnson wax company, Rainbird sprinkler company, and Dr.Pepper. Williamson not only does he have inspiring videos but has also authored some known motivational books such as “how to deal with the challenges of life and win.”

3. Penny Burke

Penny Burke is one of the Famous Business Speaker. She has managed and directed television commercials and advertisements for about twenty-five years. She has mastered the art of facilitating and addressing people perfectly always leaving the authors satisfied and astonished.

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Penny has supervised major strategic developments and communication projects. She has a degree in business marketing and has been a lecturer at several Melbourne universities. Other than being entertaining, she is also eloquent in personal business branding.

4. Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn is one of the prominent story creators at Pixar. He helped offer great ideas that were transformed into TV shows and movies. He also worked on the Simpsons and ILM. As a keynote speaker, Matthew Luhn has excellent experience in training CEO’S, marketing professionals and business workshops audience. Some of his current business clients include BMW, Adidas, Google, and Microsoft in trying to establish a better brand.

5. Bob Proctor

The granddaddy of motivational literature as often referred to, bob proctor’s life was transformed by the book titled “think and grow rich.” He established his own development company in 1961. He since has been an inspiring mentor, consultant, and speaker.

Bob Proctor instills individuals and corporate businesses with success and mental foundations to improve, grow and survive in the current competitive world. He states in one of his favorite quotes that the limits in our life are those that we impose them ourselves.

In conclusion, a dynamic speaker offers an inspiring message that makes most business conferences energizing and memorable. Signing up one of this speaker will undoubtedly make your event successful. You should not lose a chance to hear one of them speak when the opportunity is available.