5 Things You Can Recycle and Earn Money

Finding an executive job is the dream on every person’s mind. This dream occupies the mind and keeps you busy on the outward world. Although the job will pay better, the need for money keeps on increasing, and every day you will require more. If that is the case, then this blog is here to help you solve the problem. The blog will help you learn of 5 things you can recycle and make extra money.

Cardboard boxes

If you are a person who buys things in large numbers, it is easy to find your house filled with cardboard boxes. Often, you will give the boxes to the kids to build their toys as they play. At times, the boxes become too much, and they start changing the face of your compound. If you store your boxes well, there are chances that you will make a fortune out of it. If you take them to the cardboard recycling center, they will bring you good returns. Alternatively, you can choose to sell the boxes to your neighbors and make easy money.

Gift cards

We often receive cards for birthdays, holidays and any other time friends feel the need of giving you cards. With that rate, it gets to a point where you will have a drawer full of cards that you don’t have room for more. Once you read the message on the card, chances are you will never look back on them again.

Recycle Steel

Instead of keeping them in the drawer and get nothing in return, why not consider reselling them. Although the cards will not bring much in return as you cannot sell at their initial cost, the money you get should help you meet some bills.

Ink cartridges

In an office, you will often find yourself with lots of used cartridges as you keep refilling your printers. If you are careful enough, there are chances that you can make a fortune from the used cartridges to a point where you don’t have to buy a new one from your pocket. You can take the cartridges to the store near you or give them to office depot for points.

Scrap metal

Scrap metal is among the most valuable recycling materials. Often, people within communities are on the search for this precious material to make a living. However, not all metal is valuable so you must ensure to check with your local scrap yards before you start recycling.

The most common crap that people sell and make good money includes steel, aluminum, and copper. Additionally, it is important to note that there are different prices for the ferrous and non-ferrous metal. As you sell, it is essential to be aware of the type of metal you have at hand, for you to land at the best price.


Electronics are an easy way of making you additional cash. If you have a set of working or non-working electronics that you are no longer using, you are likely to make some money from the same. It is possible to make extra cash from the broken phones, circuit boards, rechargeable batteries, tablets and other electronics within your home. Therefore, instead of keeping them in the trash or disposing them to help others, connect yourself with appropriate vendors.

These are just a few things that can bring you extra cash in the house. However, depending on your location, you still can find several other things that are valuable. Before you throwing everything out, especially if you are cleaning or renovating the place, consider counter checking their scarcity and demand. Additionally, you can choose to give them to charity to help improve the lives of others in the society.