Best Nike Sneakers of 2018

Nike originates from the victory Greek Goddess that represented speed and strength. It, therefore, correlates well with successful international stars for soccer and athletics. Nevertheless, Nike sneakers are not for great athletes and footballers only; you can also acquire one for your comfort and because of their durability.

Nike sneakers excel in bringing out multi-discipline apparel and footwear as well as recreational outfit among many people. Below is an overview of cool nike shoes that can be termed as illustrious and iconic.

Nike Air Presto

This futuristic and feather-light shoe brings a feeling of someone walking on air. The most exciting thing with Nike Air Presto is that it makes your feet breathe and supports you regardless of the kind of activity you are involved in.


It is possible to customize the shoes to fit your unique desired style. Though meant for running, it offers a perfect day-to-day athleisure wear. It has excellent flexibility, super lightweight while at the same time it is strongly supportive.

Nike Air Huarache

This is pure head turning and showstopper shoe manifesting the usual wear and a dynamic fit for technology. It is well designed to ensure it fits your foot comfortably with its fabric stretch.

It also has a lining that acts as an exoskeleton and to adapt as well as molding to the wearer’s foot and shape of the ankle.

Nike Lunar Finger trap Cross Trainer Sneakers

It is among the highest performing shoe amongst the other Nike sneakers. Its design appeals to your aesthetics styles and it’s built basically to make you achieve your goals. Its unique design makes it fit your foot as well as a sock does.


You cannot describe this shoe without words such as tight, snug, supportive, and comfortable since this is the exact qualities it offers. The flex grooves make it suitable for natural motion and any other movement.

Nike Air Max 97 QS

This has been among the most favorite sneakers for many years. Its design is classic hence it is loved and admired by many people. It features recognizable Nike looks such as water ripple lines, reflective piping, and an awesome cushioning for maximum air.

Anyone who cherishes the Nike brand would recognize the comfort and iconic ride this shoe offers. When this shoe was launched, it resulted in a complete revolution in the world of athletics. Since that time, it continues to dominate regarding demand and supply.

Nike Sock Dat

With this excellent unisex Dart for running, be sure to show your competitors a cloud of dust as they struggle to up their advances towards the finish line. Their look may not be much substantial, but their stability and comfort make them the best choice for running shoes.

The takeaway

There are numerous designs and varieties for Nike sneakers that you can choose depending on your needs, taste and also preferences. Regardless of your reasons for seeking for sneaker shoes, you can rest assured that with Nike sneakers you can never miss what you want.