Is Car Subscription Worth It


Executive cars are one of the best assets one can own. However, purchasing a new model that you prefer may be quite expensive. However, suppose you have an urgent need for such a vehicle but you cannot afford at the moment, you may want to enroll for subscription service. A Subscription is a service that enables you to trade your old model vehicle for a new version.

Therefore, you may want to consider handing in your old version of a vehicle to get a new. The service may include purchasing or leasing, but the monthly charges will be higher than usual. The high monthly charges may make you change your mind about a subscription service, but before that, it is a smart idea to figure out whether this subscription is worth it.

Reasons why CAR SUBSCRIPTION is worth it

1. Vehicles are Readily Available

Suppose to choose to sign up for a car subscription, the vehicle you need will be readily available. Therefore, you do not have to stress out by searching for your preferred vehicle for several hours or days. All you have to do is make a call and visit car dealerships to sign the required documents.


All the cars you may want are at your fingertips. Alternatively, you can use a subscription app to get your preferred vehicle. Online signing is convenient since car dealers deliver a vehicle at your address as soon as they can. You do not have to sweat it suppose you need a car for a specific purpose. CAR SUBSCRIPTION services have all that you need.

2. No Maintenance Charges

Suppose you are not familiar with car Subscription, the thought of paying for maintenance may scare you away especially if you need a high-quality vehicle. Fortunately, car dealers do not let you deal with maintenance expenses. When you sign up, insurance and maintenance services are a guarantee.

All dealerships exempt drivers from dealing with high insurance and maintenance expenses. Therefore, you are likely to save a lot of money you would otherwise waste on maintaining your vehicle.

3. Owning different Vehicles at Different Periods

Signing up for car subscription is a ticket to living like a rich celebrity. Think about all the times you may be driving different models of vehicles. Some dealers can allow you to change your vehicle up to eighteen times in a year. The freedom of changing the model of your vehicles is beneficial because you can select the appropriate vehicle depending on your intention. For instance, you can select a larger vehicle if you are planning a family trip or a high-end model for business meetings. It all depends on your current intention.

4. Roadside Assistance

Motorists face a lot of challenges while traveling. Well, forget about all the times you had to spend hours in the middle of nowhere waiting for help. The monthly charges of a subscription service are inclusive of roadside assistance.

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All you have to do in case of any challenge is call your dealers and help will come sooner than you think. Hence, signing up for a CAR SUBSCRIPTION service is like hiring your vehicle management team and paying for the services at the end of every month. The roadside assistance is an additional luxury service.


1. Not Affordable for Everyone

Frankly, car subscriptions are not cheap. First, monthly charges are higher than normal. Suppose you can afford the service, well and good. Otherwise, the charges may seem unreasonable for you suppose you have a specific monthly budget for your vehicle.


The subscription services come with incredible deals such as the roadside assistance, maintenance, and insurance. Hence, you must be ready to dig your pockets to enjoy a luxury service.


In conclusion, the subscription services are worth it. The only drawback you have to deal with is the high charge. However, the deals that come with the service are worth trying. It is not a walk in the park driving distinct cars at different periods of the year. Maintaining a car and paying for insurance proves challenging for many but with the subscription, all is sorted. Suppose you can afford the service, why not enroll for it? Lately, a lot of motor companies such as BMW and Mercedes are beginning their subscription services. You do not want to miss out.