Broker Services & Mortgage Rates in Portland

Finding the best mortgage rates in Portland is easier when Brent Borcherding is working for you! His mortgage broker services include Purchase Loans, Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval, Refinancing & much more.

Purchase Loans & Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval

The only way to ensure that the financing for the purchase of your home goes smoothly is to make sure you prepared yourself for a positive outcome. Many people think that the pre-approval process is solely about confirming whether you can get a mortgage for a home or how expensive of a home they can afford. While the mortgage pre-approval process covers those 2 important questions, the rest is collecting the necessary information, in advance, so that I can fully understand your entire financial picture. Next, I help you plan and identify the best mortgage, the way to prepare your finances & documentation so that you can you can make the process, from beginning to end, as smooth as possible. Once you’re offer on a home is accepted, you’ll have plenty of home buying activities that will be taking up your time; I want to ensure that the financing is an area you are confident will largely be taking care of itself. It allows you to focus your energy on the excitement of buying a new home.

Regardless of your financial picture, the process of properly preparing for a complete mortgage pre-approval benefits everyone, and in turn, it leads to early stress free closings.

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Everyone’s financial situation changes over time, and whether rates are moving up, down or stay the same many individuals may find a need to refinance. Lowering your interest rate or shortening the term of your mortgage are 2 of the most common reasons for a refinance, as saving money monthly and/or over the life of the loan always motivates people. That said, as home values increase it may be your interest to cash out refinance for debt consolidation or other investment purposes. Under all of these scenarios, working with me, a mortgage broker, will offer you the largest selection of products, FHA, VA, Conforming, Jumbo and Equity Lines of Credit, so we can be assured that you are provided with the loan program that best fits your need. Additionally, regularly monitoring the intraday movement of mortgage rates, helps to ensure that I can help guide you towards locking in the lowest rate for you.

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